J. S. Bach
Suite Nr. 1 G-Dur
Suite Nr. 2 d-moll
Suite Nr. 3 C-Dur
Suite Nr. 4 Es-Dur (für Violoncello solo)

Toshimitsu Tanaka
Two Movements for Marimba

Minoru Miki
Time for Marimba

Akira Miyoshi
Torse III

Keiko Abe
Dream of the Cherry Blossoms
Variations on Japanese Children’s Songs Frogs

Raimond Helble
Grand Fantasy in C

Gordon Stout
Two Mexican Dances for Marimba
Astral Dance for Marimba

Ross Edwards
Marimba Dances

Jacob Druckman
Reflections on the Nature of Water

Matthias Schmitt

Paul Smadbeck
Rhythm Song

Andrew Thomas

Isaac Albeniz
Asturias (Leyenda)

Hans Werner Henze
Five Scenes from the Snow Country

David Maslanka
My Lady White